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mer, with two or three grains of the latter, and we

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ing the process of digestion, is carried to the kid-

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mittee to promote the affiliation, I departed with the feeling

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Bodies in the Organs and Tissues of the Body. Sivett on Case of Einpyema in which the operation for Para-

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described, and also that this injecting treatment was instrumental in pro-

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of nutrition ? This is a question rather of general

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The method is very simple, and perhaps only in its minute

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erysipelas in regard to its periodicity, or liability

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into nitrates, and nitrate of soda was seen to crys-

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of exerting its full effects before it becomes altered

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ther ; but as they do not contain a sufficient quan-

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of catarrh, or after hooping-cough, or fever, or the

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He lias had no fits of any kind since, but iiis digestion is still

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physical education oftentimes beget actual disease,

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* In the plate-machine there is no negative conductor,

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or anchylosis may result from carpitis. You can detect this by flexing

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in water, and the dose is gradually increased, till

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joins the electrical bath with the influence of the

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the opening of the costo-cartilagic angle. With each descenchng rib the

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the etfect of occasioning the phosphatic diathesis.

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his stomach commenced to pain him, and he felt It full and

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body was discovered by a red light issuing from it.

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pression is made on the disease by the first bleed-

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ful phenomena which we observed after tlio employmeut of b milligrammea

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exostosis — but this the author shows, by an examination of its

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pierced, and injected in all directions with a carbolic solution (1-40) :

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foreign body was found, neither was any found in the eye removed.

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on percussion in the cardiac region, and a fusing of the two sounds at the

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belief that it comes from faulty feeding ; urticaria is a name applied

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medical profession of Brazil? Do you realize that the Panama

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happened to be tlio names of authors who had written recently on the sub-

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or eating some food to which the animal is not accustomed— some hard

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between tlie two superior centarl incisions, thus destroying the

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the chronic form ; seldom met with in the acute form. It is generally

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(2.) Discharge has a tendency to adhere around the nostril.

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diseases hitherto so little studied in this country,

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nervous surface : for the same reason their effects

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ral line. • The stomach will be found not to con-

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pernatant, as in blood allowed to stand after vene-

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Enzootic diseases are confined to certain localities, and are due to local

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very troublesome. Eyesight and pupils normal. Smell has

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Treatment is the same as that already mentioned. Give a long rest,

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and it is in this manner it often proves fatal. Te-

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As regards Diseases of the Abdomen, it may without any impropriety be men-

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wife. — On the 30th April he went to see a fellow-workman,

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obstruction of the aortic valves may occasion it in

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on the diseases of special organs, specialists having a lamentable