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type of the disease was essentially the same throughout.

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thoracic cavity, a chief object of blisters is to re-

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is of a scirrhous or carcinomatous nature, there is

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Pain is another sign. This varies much in different structures; in

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occur in various ways, usually from slipping and coming in contact with

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us to avoid all these inconveniences ; in the first

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showed that lung tissue could be subjected with impunity to manipulation

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worked up and the records were read and translated to us. The

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comfort to the patient, relieving pain and allaying cough.

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of the effects of exposure to severe cold, consists

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almost to the tip of the horn. Sometimes, when cattle have catarrh,

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Another argument in favour of the bacterial origin of putre-

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the parts. It is, of course, best to get it in its place, but if you can-

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lar, and nothing like natural respiration resulted.

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subclavian artery, and receiving its pulsation ; 2d.

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Cerebritis Encephalitis. —It is known by another name, which

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which the blood was impelled. The blood was drawn not tlrircn to the in-

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He used to vow vengeance against his sister-in-law, and her

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the bed, as a precautionary measure, by his companions, wlio were afraid of

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