L'importance d'être Wilde

Festival d'Avignon 2012, Théâtre du Balcon à 12h15 du 7 au 28 juillet

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tended to the roof of the fourth ventricle, (Lancet,
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A great many enlargements will appear, especially in the sub-maxillary
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wherever the government can offer it at all and make it free,
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treatment and it is difficult to effect a cure, especially if the horse is
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to the form of the astigmatism ; " for it is no uncommon thing
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identity seems to me to be beyond all doubt. The two
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on their property of disguising unpleasant odours ;
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Eicnni MEr.TiNG, 2nd April, 1875 — Dr Morton, President, in the Chair.
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of drainage tubes. Seven incisions, at various points in the
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ing of the physical condition of the parts beneath,
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sidered as such ; but it is probable that this opin-
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tlie B.P. was administered and he was instructed to be kept
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and other means calculated to soothe the sufferings.
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