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affinity to natural sleep, differing chiefly in being
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and generally gives rise to permanent lameness. The lameness is similar
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Ophthalmology, He. Third Edition. London: J. & A. ChurchilL
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Ije watched in ease of a recurrence. In the second case, the vision being
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Mrs F loq. — " Shortly after this I asked Miller huw ho
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and especially that tiii.s treatment Mas not advocated jirior to
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whether it was possible for it to take place in any
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observed and recorded such agglomerations in inflamma-
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selection of a climate and residence for the invalid.
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study, and found arsenic to the extent of nearly a drachm
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in the rectum, and the other on the abdomen. — Thhe ds Paris, Jan. 1876,
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these corrosive sublimate is the most delicate. The
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information, pleasantly told, and in small l)ulk; and we may
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sure. The surgical way would be to take up and ligature the artery ;
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obtain of the nature of that organization from ana-
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on arteries in general, as applied in different de-
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For the resolution of corneal opacities the author has con-
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Dr Buchanan's work presents many points of interest;
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Paralysis, either partial or complete; loss of sensibility or motion.
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Willis and several other writers state that convul-
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but rather a simple brown staining. Both pigmented and colourless cells
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tion, but, his attention being absorbed by the process of in-
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forward by the author. The paper, as a whole, is exceedingly
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stitution of the child, and the elTects of particular
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inch in thickness, situated opposite the corpora striata."' Only
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the miliary tubercle, within three weeks after first contact.
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else disease of the crus cerebri, from VFhich these
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Inflamiuation of the Trachea.— Use counter irritation, sedatives,
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region of the joint will assist you in determining it.
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There is great inflammation. It is generally easily diagnosed. The
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second patient was a child of 2-k years of age who, it was supposed, had
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is in the pharynx or cervical legion, you may be able to displace it by
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has argued against this notion so satisfactorily as
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often witli a yellow |)igmentation of the ct^lls. ',]. It is interesting
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ated as a cause. Following tliis subject, there is an excellent
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had not thought it necessary to mention it until alarmed by
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dral, a state, according to this author, owing to an
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displaced to any extent, and are easily put in position ; but if not put
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r.iurenis facile ahstinebam, a beta etiam et a malva de-
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holes were usually in the lower side of the pipe, and they attributed them
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anffimia, the tissues have been found pale, and the
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2. by entering the circulation, and acting directly
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sionally subjected from the accumulation of fajccs,
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caliber. This variety of respiration becomes, there-
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ochre, and as this is caused by the dust of the material with
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the muscular coat of the intestines, in the tormina
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recover}'. The lecture terminates by giving wise rules
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heated, scarcely any chlorine is evolved ; it first
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vaccination was best observed), I iind that 270 cases were
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noid process a continuous external absorption. But the experi-
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is some difference in the number of teeth in the domestic animals.
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In two volumes octavo, containing Fifteen Hundred very large pages, illustrated by Two Hundred and
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tion of the lung by affecting the lung tissue. Mouth hot, and the pulso
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decomposition takes plact ; the carbonic acid and :
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sion, observing tlie contractions of the muscles of the side of the
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Chronic or Non-Febrile Diseases. In one neat octavo volume, sheep.
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line produced rotation to the left, and sections on
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fession in this country, that the publishers determined, at a great outlay of
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the eyeball will be irritated. If the obstruction is down in the duct, the
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sarily disordering their action, it will readily be
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It is quite evident that the first indication in the
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and so often variously limited in diflerent indivi-
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while others will not. The ulcers of glanders will not heal. Ulceration
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Chamber of Deputies: One-hundred and twenty members,
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