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enlarges, hardens, and renders truly and thoroughly
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mixed with the surrounding fluids and separates into various compounds,
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hand — for extracting the numbers from Sir James Simpson's
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gestible than that which is furnished by wild birds,
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prevent the formation of stone — to fiicilitate the
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Dr George Buchanan showed a mammary ti'moi'R which had been re-
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effecting inHnran(-o in 18 cases (oiu- (h atii IVuiii plilin'siH of a
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by some writers, has been satisfiictorily established
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of the swollen gum. In his own words, " the extrinsic
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practice. Over these the Clinical Reports of individual
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hydrops: — Th. vSmp, water, and u:^', the look oi
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obtaining a small advantage. ^Vhilo the fact of an advan-
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ease, as reported, however, gives rise to suspicions
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so far as in other cases. The horse can not get up, when he lies down,
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In loo.sc earth Brook's patent miglit be used. 4. Care should be taken
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ever derived, so thoroughly wrought up. and digested in the author's mind, as to come forth with the freshness
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variably follows the formation of true aneurism is,
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The study of Piieumoiiia presents mauy points which render
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gives it susceptibility of action, with power to sus-
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picion which Paget* has recorded "whether, notwithstanding
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quaintly remarks, " Smallpox cannot breed chickenpox any
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pathologists, it may be as well to retain it, though
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digestion is going on This system includes a great number of glands,
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to afford relief ; and the patient, if not much ex-
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nostrils are expanded ; the abdominal muscles are sometimes contracted
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den appearance after violent exertion, particularly
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vessel or part, give rise to the sound of fluctuation.
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second class there were four cases, and all of them showed
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general ^vork on Pathological Anatomy — and the excellent work
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ance, nearly the same as if a string was tied around the limb ; and
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fullest extent and to do it with the realization that we are only
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oscillation between evening and morning, and vice versa, l-2°, correspond-
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eminences are seen, which give attachment to the ligaments
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her complaint six weeks back, but the more urgent distress had
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al)ovc the bifurcation. Just beneath the most prominent
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But it was not to be expected that, anterior to the
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been good till last October, although, dm-ing the last four
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and systematic writers up to a comparatively recent the chest, almost depriving him of the power of
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habit of using stimulants freely, and sometimes no doiibt to
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in the centre of the diseased portion is ditlluent,
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volution in the whole system of nutrition by change
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however, returns to the inflammatory view, and considers that,
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