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Omnium Gatherum Grey Havens Rares

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" 3. Every member must be either a Doctor of Medicine, or of Surgery,
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true seat of the lameness — more especially if he is extremely lame. It is
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April 8. Dinner with Dr. and Mrs. Pyles at the Jockey
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Albumen, fibrine and salts in solution form the liquor sanguinis.
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Journ. vol. xxi.) It is probable that in such cases
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growth of foliage. At five o'clock in the morning a group of
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best remedied, lie would therefore, for this purjiosc, throw out the fol-
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is followed by the ejectment of the contents of the
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as the evening passed, and he and his entertainers sang
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supervened during acute Bright's disease after scarlatina.
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with injuries to the fibres of the tendons. It may be done by striking
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second indication, namely, to facilitate the expec-
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ists, the smell of hay may act as an exciting cause ;
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also aid in finding the seat of lameness in the foot.
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parts returning to health, it goes on without any apparent
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such diseases must be existing in a limited space ;
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larities consequent on inebriety ; violent exercise
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disease is fairly formed, it runs its course greatly
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his playmates " could not be bothered Avith him ; " the
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gastritis, obstipation, hemorrhoids, catarrhus vesi-
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first, and hitherto the best account of this disease
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air within the chest, it is essential to the produc
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with multiple miliary abscesses, by I)r .1. Fleischhnucr, Bonn.
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was a Member of the University Company of Yolunteers. This was more
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* An important pr.ncliral distinction has bnen foiindfid
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of abandoning a seemingly simple task, in which he finds
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attends certain febrile and inflammatory affections,
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to have us perform several operations. This we firmly but
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distressing, but not very painful oppression in the
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appeared to produce no symjitoms whatever, even when they reached as
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sclerotic ones are mostly emjsty. The capillaries arc very
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His shopmates told him that lie had put off his apron in the
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I never knew a case to recover. It is due to a blood poison, it cannot
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^^ with Dr. Sanjines, Dr. Veintemillas, and Dr. Daniel Bilboa,
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decidedly injurious to the phthisical invalid ; and
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will prove of the greatest benefit in restoring the
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the same parts is cither not felt at all or, if it yield a sensation
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S"k</ for November, 1870, " On the Treatment of Carbuncle.
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January, 1874, the legs and abdomen began to swell, and
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these often consists in their degree of activit}' ;
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ciated with " glossy tubercle" of the tongue aud ordinary
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such situations,) the first cases could not be traced
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enced how difficult it is, while music is sounding,
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in tsenia ; but the testimony in regard to it is dis-
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to the ancient Gauls for this practice. In Paris it was