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Festival d'Avignon 2012, Théâtre du Balcon à 12h15 du 7 au 28 juillet

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oldest Hospital in London (StBartholomew's)bcina; the healthiest;

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marked. First symptom is a peculiar stiffness of the body ; animal holds

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Credentials for Sao Paulo and the portion of Brazil south of


reports issued from our sanitary department in Glasgow, to

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Poisoned wounds are caused by some poisonous substance. The min-

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parietal a lacerated cut 1^ inches long, but no fracture of

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de Huerfanos (children), General Hospital (under con-

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an important gap that existed between Dr. Pereira's most learned and complete system of materia

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cornua of the lateral ventricles were dilated. On the median

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15, Proclamation of the Republic; December 25, Christmas

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III. — The Forces which Carry on the Circulation of the Blood. By

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of Montevideo, signed on August 27, 1828. The present con-

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abdominal pain, and when he lies down he has no inclination to get up,

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may be argued that this experiment only proves that

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requires little more than division and depuration ;

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does not explain the pathology, but explains the symptoms. It is

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delirium, spasmH, piiiii, and numbness, followed liy loss of function of

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endeavour to make a new duct by inserting a small seaton right into the

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over body. Patient sank, and died 36 houi-s after admission.

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nipple. There were no glands affected, no puckering of the skin, or

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bladder for some days. In a fortnight afterwards he was dismissed cured.

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much earthy or morganic salts. But this may occur in an earlier

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and fill the serous channels in cases where emigration had been

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tissue, and in no jiart connected witli tlie skin covering it.

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of iiigeniou!) and beautiful invcutious wliicli hove since been successively I

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to a considerable extent her original florid appearance;

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tiie cure of the various afl'ections of tlio skin. VVc are surprised,

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to make a free incision with the nse of carbolic oil. 'J he present success

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son in charge of a horse affected is generally put under arrest.

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of the brain becomes pathological ; nor is this in-

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(Thn iiieiiiliraiie had rlisliiict l>lo(id-vcssels — a male.)

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tended, if the rash proved to be at all copious, to the extremities

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tioned as presenting a striking illustration ; this

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sented to the stomach in different states, is to be

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the best authorities. "With regard to the nomenclature of the affection which

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other set of experiments, the solutions were apjilied to the

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to the iris or lens, and terminates in cataract, other

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