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rates, sometimes termed ' imperfect lives ' or ' diseased lives,' and

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affect the body only once in the course of life, it

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IX. Laxgdon Dowx — Med. Chir. Trans., vol. 44, 1861 —

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very small rupture of the intestine, scarcely sufficient to admit a quill. The

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of the patient will be decided within twelve hours ;

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able performances; and an Essay on the Ass and the Mule. By J. S. Skinner, Assist-

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temperatures and pulses. Compression of arteries. Obser-

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ledge, to say, in the case of angina, as in that of

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ether, &c., arc sometimes used to increase t!ie

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of these periods was there any cholera epidemic. During the former of

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tubercular taint or tendency in a patient with pneumonia

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point of importance was the amount of credit to be given for the success

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soda may be tried. If there is a loss of power, use slings, but not unless

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We had intended in this review to call attention to the


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man of 40 years, imbecile, had slight memory and could read a

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Such are, a. the obliteration and filling up of the

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in the joint, from the action of the air and escape of synovia The same

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additions to the present edition are extn-mely numerous and valuable; scarcely a fact worth naming which

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