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VI. Mitchell Henry— Med. Chir. Trans., vol. 31, 181.^
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because digestion is impaired to some extent— and in horses that bave ;
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of the lymph, the disease took rapid and violent hold. In
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confirmation which we have is the powerful arsenical smell
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At four o'clock he came with his automobile and took Dr.
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CLATER AND SKINNER'S FARRIER. Every Man his own Farrier. Containing the
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does not produce its eil'ects by directly irritating the nervous
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likely to follow ; nostrils and head swollen, etc. In such cases, sup-
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canal is already irritated. You may give it in connection with gentian
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One method was to run the sewers, under proper i)recautious, iu the open.
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arrangement in nodules, because, on the one hand, tubercle
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extent. This is owing in part to the fii-m attachment in
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of the ilium on which it falls vertically (right and
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a few days before on the nose, was extenduig to the cheeks,