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strangulation of the hernial loop. Fteces would always tend
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vasation becomes absorbed and reparative material is deposited
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and it also seems calculated to lead to the oj/inion
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nately constipated ; so that ordinary doses of ape-
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strange irritable man — a man " dangerous to meddle with ;"
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to remove the little sufferer from the air that has
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hypochondriasis ; local paralytic affections uncon-
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period. Those who have menstruated early, who have married,
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ments, which shew a relation to exist between the grey
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displaced to any extent, and are easily put in position ; but if not put
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I. The Process of Ossification (Z/jhh;/). — The observa-
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that little reliance can be placed on the countenance
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question will be f nvther discussed luidcr Female Mortality,
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perfectly set forth. In the articles relating to these various maladies, contributed
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the turbinated bone, or from a tumour of an osseous character in the
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the mental manifestations, will probably be deemed by every candid reader to
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prominence on the head of the femur, frequently suffer from injury.
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Rapture of the Diaphrji^iu. — If it is of any great extent, death
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dwellers in which had been decimated by fever after the introduction of sinks.
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force of the general circulation, whilst at the same
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teeth should have them extracted or thoroughly plugged, as it
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it is deficient, as before remarked, in red corpus-
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He had seen genuine diphtheria in the winter of 1834-35, soon after the
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more than a hen can breed a duck." At the first glance the
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parts, death proceeding from the centre to the cir-
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months. During his residence in hospital ho had repeated
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crepitation is difficult. It generally terminates favourably. Place in
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TUMOUR OF MA.M.MA, whicli was referred to a committee for report.
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