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37. Banks: Asuncion: London and River Plate Bank, Ltd.
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tube is introduced, we shall suppose, into the ear,
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allow it to extend down the limb. Cantharides is as good as anything.
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ing, unless faintncss be produceil ; it does not at-
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to the day, everything necessary to the American practitioner having been
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Magendio and Pelletier suppose that it is taken into the
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had not visited durinsr her illness, and who resided
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moved, respiration being carried on almost entirely
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likely to be useful, — leaving it always to be under-
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to end fatally, the discharge becomes fetid ; may have slight diarrhoea,
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were the elements of a certain greatness in the wild energy
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dergo such exercise. The high feeding of colts which are kept in the
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of the onlire weight, l.u; 1^. , , S are proportionally
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Petctin in his treatise on catalepsy, if it be at all
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unfortunately too meagre to allow of generalisation : but
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freedom, the vital fluid will be deficient in those
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called the epilepto-genetic zone), the body is bent to that side
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30. Cable Rates : 50 cents a word from New York or New England.
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more than natural. Sometimes there is only partial rupture of one of
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resort to such words as " Dyscrasia," or '■ Tendencies,"'
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south-west coast, it is more exciting, more bracing,
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tion which found access to the system either by means of air or water ; if
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Before proceeding to the inunediatc suljject of this ])aper, I
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if in the last stages it is a bad sign, but if in the first stages, and the
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and third jierformed within its walls, died of pyaemia. Insti-
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Hospitals, siiperintcnded by a matron, not necessarily a trained
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of moderate dimensions, say 15x12x12, Avill present a wall-
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but that it arises from a peculiarly irritable condi-
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dence from Spanish rule in i8ii, and after a short government
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*■ was made to La Paz, the capital city of Bolivia, and in-