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one that will leave its mark upon the progress of scientiiic ophthalmology.

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When we are away in our own great land and at our work, we

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happened to be exempt, but other wards on both sides were suffering.

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with pains occurring at intervals, like the pains of

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M-as that of partial dementia — there was general sluggish-

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the close of the year, it became gradually extinct,

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measured from the anterior to the posterior commissure was

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chlorate or nitrate of potash, but not so freely as in influenza, as there

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where some of us stopped for a plunge in the tank or a frolic

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an irritation of the internal membrane of the heart.

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by scarifying slightly in two or three places and bathing in lukewarm

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Purdon, M.D., Physician to Belfast General Hospital, &c., &c,

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which the twitching ceased for about ten minutes, when

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the mucous membrane of the bowels and respiratory organs, pain is not

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latest devices. Each teacher of a theoretical subject has his

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interest him most, as being most related to his favourite branches of Natural

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and precision as when their powers are in the I [In the torpor of the intestines in which there

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disease, ditlering only in respect to their cause, or

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This experiment was repeated, but the mixture, instead of

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Causes are similar to those mentioned, and if influenza prevails,

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changes were similar, but to a greater extent. In some cases the

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ral state, but there was an abscess in the right ova-

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Symptoms. — There is difl&culty in extending the limb — sometimes very

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in the rectum, and the other on the abdomen. — Thhe ds Paris, Jan. 1876,


requires the use of tonics, as the cold infusion of

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various efforts made by the constitution to dispose

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The matter burrows down, causing open joint. The body of the radius

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where the nature of the irritant particles allows of the

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also aid in finding the seat of lameness in the foot.

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M. Piorry's method is liable to mislead, unless the

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mation, and, perhaps, gangrene. It is frequently an act of mercy to

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duct, which owes its activity to elutin, a peculiar

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solidity ; 3, its temperature ; 4, its sensibility ;

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