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Azopt And Trusopt

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mostly caused by the slow process of digging the coal, as it lies
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effected the same object by allowing all tlio gas generated in the house side
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developed types. In physiology, for example, such works
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the middle line. 'J'he anterior extremity of the wound was within half-an-
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cause of tlie strangulation seems to have been tho removal of his truss
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matter purely scientific, which was ail the more acceptable to us that it was unexpected."— iSiWwia/i'i Journai.
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and chiefly diuretics. Of these the digitalis /jt^r-
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Report of a Case of Inversio-Uteri of Two Years' Standing, Reduced by
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of the important observations of MM. Bouchard and Charcot
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this, that 3 deep scars Avcre as good as four ordinary marks,
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the debility. It has been asserted by some writers,
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fiiidden expulsion from the stomach of a quantity of
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der, should in a court of law be so esteemed that a jury (of
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lutely invaluable, comprising in a moderate space, and trifling cost, the
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of various kinds like any other part. The second case was of less interest,
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cells of varying shape and size, with granular contents and
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and concise statement of the condition of the System than from
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directed to watch the patient narrowly, and since that time
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might not, indeed, be due to the water-closets, as coincident with the in-
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" The patient is at first languid, and loses at the
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loft kidney weighed 3^- and tJie right 3 ounces. The cortex
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I Consult VValdenburg, op. cit. for Uotaila of this discussion.
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produced by giving an egg without breaking it, or from something taken
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sure, or by extravasated fluids, or tumours, within
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opening the trachea the greater part disappear without causing death. Thus, he passed into tho
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half ran upwards and backwards as a sharp well-defined
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Idood under the conjunctiva of the eye on tlie same side as
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get well in from six to ten weeks. He will be down in the hip.
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any proper analogy to the joints in the models before them. The cartilages
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place to such a degree as to cause colic. Dr. Aber-
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clysters of aromatic distilled waters, or of assafce-
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are but the feeble flashes or glimmerings of a light
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cromby gave it as his opinion that in such cases generally the inflammation
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such an one, in fact, as a physician would be the last to suspect of showing
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agree. As wo have already said, the treatment of cases of
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the afiected side is often much dilated ; and here,
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tracts through the pons, medulla oblongata, and spinal cord dege-
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cess without any direct injury to the eye May set up inflammatory
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newspaper, would be almost incredible if cases somewhat similar
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Medical Institutions ihroughout the country. As a work for the first class student, and as an introduction to
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murdei', we find him again the silly, doited, irritable, excit-
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will prevent sloughing in many cases. Make the incisions so the matter
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the purpose, it is indispensable that he be allowed
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not been active enough tokeepup the distension of tlie tubules
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more common in well bred horses than in coarse bred, and some breeds
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very great. My cases are, to some extent, confirmatory of
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sexual system generally act as a most powerful exciting cause, for nothing
ounce; 12 centavos each additional unit or fraction.
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quickly ; but the reverse is the case. It is proba-
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nature and extent of the intestinal contents, «&:c.
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tendency to point the foot if only one is affected, if both are affected
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They did me the honor of waiting upon me in my hotel in
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t Pro subita dyspnflBa; mere spasmndicie sedatione,