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work in such cases he may present a well marked case of sunstroke.

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east to west at Santiago, Valparaiso, Arica, and Antofagasta.

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thoracic cavity, a chief object of blisters is to re-

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He eraduated at Vienna, and afterwards became physi-

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Contagious Pleiiro-Pneiimoiiia is not communicable to any other

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or fourteen days he begins to feel pain in the situa-

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as straight as possible ; and in fomenting be careful not to wash or wipe

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opening about an eighth of an inch in diameter was found to communicate

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they have all the appearance of madness, distorting

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his own case, Philos. Transact., abridged, vol. iii.)

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doses of stimulants ; keep the body warm ; give injections, and get

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report of 1849, otherwise the record he published would have

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condition of the patient : if, for instance, the ten-

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a capital discernment of character, and having discovered an honest and

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the natural secretion, which secretion may be more or less changed if the •

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pharynx, and even larynx. I have not noticed that writers on

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formed the subject of a separate communication and report. The uterus

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plicated with fevers, or visceral inflanunations, the

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in its earlier stages is no doubt in part due to this extravasation of the solid

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from slipping. It does not interfere much with the horse's action.

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Gaikdnee, W. T., M.D., Professor of Practice of Medicine, Univer-

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iron, and if it does not burst soon enough, you may puncture inside, and

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Symptoms. — If in the belly of the muscle, more or less inflammation

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or ginger, or a small dose of oil. Give vegetable and mineral tonics, or

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Small-pox has affected many people in many countries. It may be

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poisonous germs, such a use was at least permissible in theory. As showing

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porary relief, the animal will not get along very well.

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a slight laxative, as linseed or castor oil, and attend to the matter

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is unable to execute perfectly any of the functions

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surgeons and physicians of the cases treated by them exclusively

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and not to the diseases of scrofulous persons, that

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hibited previous to the deposition of pus, that in-

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assunqiti'jii that on the one hand bacteria derive material for

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beneficial effects in tlie phosphatic diathesis are