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animal coming in contact with some obstacle, as in running away,
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third degree, affecting whole body. Died from exhaustion
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sensibility, preternatural acuteness of the external
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being the form of conveyance. The coast line of hills is rapidly
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lay between the legs, l)ut the half of its posterior
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standing, but not pointed, as in foot lameness — perhaps parallel with or
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liad seen one other case in which the tumours were larger, both ovaries
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turbed by sympathetic irritation, without its paren-
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results liaving led the public to look upon it as a very trifling
flaccid, whilst in acute diseases, where death ha")
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complete lethargy ; any ])ose in which the patient is adjusted
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change the food. Belladonna is highly recommended, one, two, or three
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resist a force equal to the pressure of four atmospheres, u-ifhoiit
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ing off entirely in the course of a few hours, after
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in general, confined to the trunk and central parts
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the omentum, away from tlie vicinity of any blood vessel, irri-
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children in the same family were attacked — in one case as
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the bone formed during this treatment is dense bone, although it
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there are local and specific. Local inflammatory action in the feet, as
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more solid, and quite as indigestible as any animal