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blood ; the features of the face collapsed ; and the

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is more apt to set up irritation and cause lameness in light driving horses ;

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! dency in the cerebral texture to expand and swell

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This is in perfect agreement with the opinions of Dr Dougall,

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FvottT n^P ^^""Vl '""'^^ *"'-'"^'' '""^ fellow-students were Joseph D.

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lymph pus or blood on the anterior capsule It m^y involve the entire

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years old, and confined to the legs, seldom extend-

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violence. But it is so rare outside of asylums, that I would

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than the other is attacked. In such a case you may make up your mind

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heit. In one case, however, the fever was very acute, run-

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batter pudding is not so easily digested ; and suet

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respect, therefore, the bones differ from almost all

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styptics, as iron or acetate of lead. A tar bindage is recomiiended, but

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duce stiffness of the joints, cases of retention or

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IV.— St George's PIospital Kepouts. Edited hi/ John W. Ogle, M.D.,

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be of a constitutional character. In hydrothorax, disease of the kidneys,

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refused to take nourisinnent; morphiainjectcdsubcutaneously.

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defective movement, dulness on percussion and increased resistance,

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Jliller's conduct during one of these exaltation 2'>eriods is

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epigastrium, castor oil, the mildest alterative ape-

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Of mammalia, again, the girdle of man is perhaps one of

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functions ; sensibility, irritability, together with

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On the fiiscia perini\;i pro]iria, by Dr E. Zuckorkandl (Plate

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Perhaps the great secret in treating this disease is a change of diet.

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animal with vaccine lymph combined with diphtheritic material.

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been increased by cutting the nerve, it was impossible to

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affect tlio treatment. Jn regard to treatment, the best |iaraHiticid(^ lir lii\<l

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its natural situation will afford immediate relief.

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give exercise. Exercise may reduce the pain for the time being, but

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affected, or that even a congested state of the ves-

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his case they were introduced into the bowel itself, llie wound healed, and

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