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place in the ointment, be thus, he says, prevented.

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animal back, and from fide to side. There is one form that shows itself

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and such a state, when it continues, is very apt to

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advice should not be resorted to ; on the contrary,

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expedient being called in aid, would Iiave rendered immovable — incapable of

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overcome this by throwing out a deposit, and the joint becomes one

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Liquids emitting putrescent smells were often free of bacteria. He might

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head to the door if permitted, showing his desire for oxygen ; ears and

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Brazil for nine years, having been appointed during President

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(II.) Rupture of Heart. 1 Case. (Mus. Prep, iii., 128). W.

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in the equilibrium of the functions incident to the

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Many of the Notes of the American hMuor to former editions have been incorporated by the Author in the

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to organic disease ; although it must be confessed,

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gradually loses condition ; becomes emaciated ; hide bound condition of

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We began to pick our way through rugged hills along a

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of cotton or linen, folded six or seven times ; or a

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paper, and you may detect them with the naked eye, or you may try

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muscular tissue in their walls, which consists of contractile flbre, cells,

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is less iperfect, and the progress of the various stages of the

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on its own increase ; there was no evidence that the cells of

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abscess which heals, forms again, etc., then sinuses form. There is

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the subject, the mode of applying the agent, &c.

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that either disease possesses such a property, then

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general cavity of the ventricle, forming the upper border of

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You are also assisted by the tushes, which at first are small, but grow

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fundus have increased, and in some places coalesced, forming white patches.

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with necrosis of ramus ul' pubes, and ischium and extensive

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6. Method of Travel: Carriage roads from Caracas to Macu to;

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been tried much more frequently than in former times. Till of late years

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In Marcli 1873, Miller sustained a very severe cut on the

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there is great prostration of strength, and the urine

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into it, tlien (Iryinjj the paper, .'ind .npplyiiig it to llie

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pass down the outside of the cheek and destroy the hair to some extent,

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scopic examination, very marked general cloudy swelling

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loaded with an " extra," from personal or family considerations,

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in this way, according to the violence of the shock

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vesicles ran the usual course, and the resulting cicatrices were

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cerated intestines, enjoyed remarkable health ; and

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doses of purgative medicines, and get rid of the poison as quickly as you

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at the Hotel Central. The Norwegian Minister, Mr. Herman

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arc too numerous and intricate for us to abstract theni fully here.

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repose it is nourished and the waste repaired. The human being, during

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was always a false aiuJogy involved in comparing the human body as a

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nose, for in such case it would excite the animal, and it would expel

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directorship of Dr. Chagas. I also took the occasion to con-

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nature of the j)rimary change ellected by it in va-