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rubber caught against itself in the tube and firmly secured itself.

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of the mass and gradually passing oiitwards (entostosis), or

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prevent extensive sloughing. Poultice, etc., after opening. If 'sinuses

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no exudation of fluid or rupture of vessels. — Con-

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was also the most severe attack of all. During the first attack, also, the hair

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scarcely any heat, and just a spark of life remain-

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ribs were exposed it was found that different parts of the chest acted in ways

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hours after receiving the injury the animal shows difficulty in walking

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testinal canal, or in those of the bladder of urine,

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remove the shoes, and have the wall rasped down nicely, but not to

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were given. When a few weeks old, he had an attack of

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plied by the ancients to all diseases of the throat