L'importance d'être Wilde

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in violence, the effusion increased, and he died on

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ticular form of organic lesion, we evidently divert

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Major. " On the Hourly Distribution of Mortality in relation

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tion causes the animal to jump. Bandages are also used. Plasters

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Inflammation is set up — it may be in connection with the cancellated

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4U i oz. The arachnoid cavity and ventricles together contained about C oz.

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will be the part of prudence to yield to his wishes,

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necrosis. Keunion may take place. Keep quiet for two or three weeks ;

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one selected from the records of Dr Tennent's careful in-

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en Midecine, &c. : Paris, 1819 ; and Traite Theo-

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animal will go better with an ordinary low shoe. A leather sole may

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and their views on general questions of physiology and patho-

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der, probably two, three, or four grains of the for-

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against its use, and when it is applied in the mode

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where the nature of the irritant particles allows of the

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body ; and in lioth cases it was j^robably due to the increased

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severe cases naturally attract more attention, more

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one .' I flunk not. Putrescent matter evolving nauseating


space varying in difl'crent individuals from five to

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Wnat is lost in aphasia is, as Ilughlings Jackson so clearly

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is a remarkable fact," he adds, " that in diabetes,

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its more general or metaphorical sense, as signify-

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(Liebig, op. cit., p. 100.) They all contain nitro-

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be called to check severe hemorrhage from cutting of the palatine

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in its earlier stages is no doubt in part due to this extravasation of the solid

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tion of the electric influence to which ulcers, ex-

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form of ear disease of a parasitic nature. (See Arch, fiir

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but it is best to destroy the animal in all cases. You may keep a

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gions a larger portion of intestine is afl'ected with

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the polbilioii of water in cisterns above water-closet.s, he had been at con-

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some altercation, one of them struck the other with

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experimentation. He refers to the important fact that fresh,

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unless compelled to. If in the winter, and you are told that an

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etHuvia, if they exist at all, cannot be in any con-