L'importance d'être Wilde

Festival d'Avignon 2012, Théâtre du Balcon à 12h15 du 7 au 28 juillet

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subject to certain variations, but with a general tendency to
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bone — a provisional callus — which tends to keep the ends of the bones
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uterine susceptibility, the excitement of the rectum
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found to contain deposits — tubercular deposits. It usually attacks
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of fatal illness, &c., sec above.] The microscopic examination of the
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presenting it, we have substituted acnefollicularis,
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cuanha itself, or its infusion in wine, although it
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her bed answers the desired effect sometimes, but in several
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four grains of iodine to an ounce of rectified spirit;
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with the hand, returned to its former position, and
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cap. 9; Oribas. Synops. lib. vii. c. 37. The Arabians
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ulceration; but if this is scra[)ed off with the back
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clysters containing assafoitida will occasionally be
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i power of altering certain disordered actions, chiefly
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advanced in years, and that wliicli often follows apoplexy. It is
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leries of the coal-mines of Anzain fell sick in the
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thing; emphysematous at margin; scarcely any fluid in left
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the state of the uterine functions, and if not duly
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greater justice. The former Work, whicli is truly not a text-
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and then suddenly fed up in the spring. This has a tendency to pro-
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The Art and Science of ^Medicine ; Introductory Address at Saint George's
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Remedy for Toothache. 26. Prof Trousseau on Anatomy of Pneumonia in Infants. 27. Volz on Hooping
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I close these few observations by repeating, that in the
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