L'importance d'être Wilde

Festival d'Avignon 2012, Théâtre du Balcon à 12h15 du 7 au 28 juillet

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tions, therefore, have reference to these 3i patients.
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may be varied by a short intercurrent febrile exacerbation ;
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lest the inflammation should extend to the trachea;
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6. Method of Travel: Much of inland travel on rivers.
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•which usually appear in abscess of the brain. The prolonged duration of the
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punctured wound produced by a pitch fork. In a case where a capsular
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M.D., Cantab. Thu-d Edition. London : Longmans, Green &
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the abdomen, but no bowel protruding. On /<rw( mortem examination, it
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usually localised in areas about the size of a walnut or over. In
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subjects as affections of the brain, resulting from ear disease ;
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dust, or even below it. In the case of the ironstone miners,
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have led to great changes in the treatment of inflammation. It is diffi-
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Fracture well back may occur in different ways — from getting the
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