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illness, his pulse could not bo counted, extremities cold,
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peristnliic motions of the intestines were also visi-
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unexpected difficulties, probably under the eyes of anxious
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curring during the prevalency of gastric fever.) which
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then blister. Puncturing is not attended with success, for the fluid
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the appetite is feeble and impaired, it is proper to
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when the fluid would have been more serous. The prognosis in this case
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siglit. Nevertheless, our author still thinks that " there never
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the heels, wash them well and bathe judiciously with tepid water. If
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preferred cinchona to the metallic preparations, as
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ter of health, especially in infants, but often more
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sigmoid flexure of the colon, it is usually attended
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tended with intense, fixed pain, and there is some-
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Causes. — Similar to those of catarrh, exposure ; a number of horses
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(1.) ^liller had all his life been '• Insane,'' and was Insane
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nate any irritation artificially established with a
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when the patients are under such immediate control as in
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and soon a voice accompanied it, which seemed occasionally
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flammation of the lungs. If this be present, there-
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side of the anterior superior spine of the ilium, but being painless, slow
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Sanderson is of opinion that the latter may constitute com-
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and will attack the same child or some of the other
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since, gives proof in its appearance that it has already seen service at the dissecting table,
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altogether dependent upon their employment for support.
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pectoris, and in cases of retrocedent gout or rheu-
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before the matter can be aninialised, or assimilated
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Lastly, I have excluded the case of a hospital nurse
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rupture of the ventricle. The partially occluded condition of
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