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must be confessed, however, that this is a very rare
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supposed that, as it passes into the circulation, it
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32. Difference in Time: i hour, 9 minutes east of New York.
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of Jlillcr was conducted by the members of the medical
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vessels, liliiug up the ,air cells— which constitutes the third stage. In the
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great relief, some exfoliations from two of the cal-
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treatment may be necessary. The best is carbolic acid and lotion ; an
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Fhysiology, are collected and arranged, so as to prest- ni the laiesl and best account of the science To such
stipation of the bowels ; and the stomach itself is
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been " extra " kind to her. When she got into bed he arranged
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it was well to discriminate between two forms of empyema. Dr Maclaren's
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not prepared to deny the accuracy of this opinion ;
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little relief, a small blister was applied under the
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Among the general diseases aft'ecting the ear, Ilinton lays
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of irritation in the vascular apparatus of different
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with blisters to the nape of the neck, is indispen-
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In some cases detailed above, the re-vaccination seemed
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Some authors think it is hereditary. We have a case mentioned where
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ciable change of texture: in some cases the usual in-
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of the latter stage of cerebritis ; for there are nu-
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seldom, if ever, general ; they are usually confined
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the case of a person intended for execution, it might
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I. Eeil— Archiv f. Pliys., 1812, p. 341— A woman, age 30,
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Experiment 6. — Dec. 9th, 1873. About 12 drops of a