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masses of phosphate of lime loosely thrown together, showing apertures
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not deluged with text books on this subject, and we, therefore,
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represents an apparatus actually constructed and practically
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Of chronic arteritis, it is sufficient to say, that,
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tendency to the formation of blood clots. It runs its course very
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ing it at certain intervals, the tendency to cerebral
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every period of life, and the interesting stage now
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subjects of extreme importance to those engaged in practice or preparing for it.
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the vessel was then attempted, but after incision, owing to
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or indolent nature, increasing gradually, and often
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positions would be strengthened by a welcome accession of fresh talent and
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of rapidly or slowly growing cells, situated chiefly, though
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daily) were very little elevated, the absolute msuinium recorded being
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to the outside of the macula and near the entrance of ciliary nerves and
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extent which it is diificult to understand. It has,
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and exposure of the highly sensitive corium upon which
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his family to be linguists; that they have travelled, and that
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is not justified by the experience of others, as they
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Besides the additions of the Author, the Editor has been enabled to add numerous illustrations; which,
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features were very coarse, but her hands were small and
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30. Cable Rates : 50 cents a word from New York or New England.
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pable indications of disorder, although that disor-
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old, and may affect one or both limbs. There is slight difficulty in
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chloral is introduced into the circulation, its effect on the respira-
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• It seems appropriate hei-o to invite the co-operation of gentlemen who,
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form of pills without any bad effects in such cases.