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arachnitis, pleuritis, peritonitis, without inflam-
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lead to the suspicion, that, however widely differ-
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trials ; in two there was a strong hereditary tendency with-
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(Ibro-phistic tumours ; yet il.s analogies with the otiu'rs were such as to
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plaint, therefore, we must be considered ignorant ;
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to tlie ease of I^iverpool, it was loo early to form a judgment regarding
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sion of air, or of collections of fluid in the thoracic
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ing upon it, in a practical point of view, as in every
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subjects without preparation. The contestants were expected
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on the functions of the brain, by Prof. II. Nothnagcl, .lena.
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furnished with a long sharp point of the calibre of a stout knitting-needle ;
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ring of enamel, then dentine and then a central ring of enamel. In
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Treatment. — Give plenty of pure air, as in all such diseases. I cannot
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The Surgeon's Pocket-Book : being an Essay on the Best Treatment of
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is a unity in the individual life. Tf wc find golden fruit on a ti'co, it is not
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between the vertebral extremity of the rib and the sternal end of the car-
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right disc was also oval-shaped, but there was no exudation. Under ti'cat-
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