L'importance d'être Wilde

Festival d'Avignon 2012, Théâtre du Balcon à 12h15 du 7 au 28 juillet

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the equable distribution of the blood to every part
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in Australia in 1815, having been carried there by cattle from- England.
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drachms, alcohol four ounces, water one pint. It requires careful
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eye. Whether it is advisable to remove it while the irritation remains,
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Mr Brudenell Carter gi\"cs us one of his numerous extracts
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deserve notice. In the first, J. C, aged 72, admitted Dec.
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Kveret D.C L., Professor of Natural Philosophy in Belfast, Pro-
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delirious, but at other times he seemed sensible enough ;
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chest could be enlarged. No one knew better than Dr Hutchison that
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circumstances, the beneficial effects seem to have been very
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Treatment. — Kemove the cause; give a slight laxative — two, three, or
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are always of the convoluted form. These observations at
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been determined. That an attack of one of these by inoc-
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from hemiplegia of the left side. On the 18th of last July she met with an
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since. These have lately got more frequent and more severe.
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anodyne liniment, camphor, opium, etc. Spasms of the diaphragm,
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complicated, with 2>ent-up secretions in the air-tubes, I liave
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children brought up on spoon-meat suffer in greater
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vals between the layers wide enough to admit the point of a pen. There
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