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beings, and the manner by which their duties shall be fulfilled. And '2d. to render available a long experi<'nce

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shewn in Fig. 4, where the cartilage substance is vaguely

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over-distension of vessels, and clearly implies de-

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The tumour was thus a sarcoma, or, if a more specific name be required,

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it slightly flexed, and after a while extensive swelling takes place. In

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the inferior commissure is the false nostril ; the small opening inside of

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time in the centre for common sensibility, as in certain forms of

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suspension of the action of these ganglionic cells, and conseijuent

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prize. In Natural Philosophy he obtaiaed a good position in the Prize List,

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Roaring generally goes under the name of heaves, or broken wind. It

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natural good temper, when the distress is relieved,

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a card, available for admission to all the meetings, and signed by the I're-

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through it and attend to the constitutional treatment. If in good con-

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to find that the injection in both these cases has passed

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is, that the effusion is the effect of the previous

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the eye, and pierces the orbital plate of the frontal

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heart or great vessels ; and as the character of the

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. — we mean a total ab.itinence from tigui'd.s. To

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subnormal condition to its natural level, may take a few

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admitted to the Western Infirmary, July 24, 1875. He had

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house near Gourock in the year 1831. He was one of a

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cases recover, or at least improve, by time ; a re-

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friction with a warm flannel is substituted for it.]

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Dr Doiif/all, in reply to Dr Watson, said that the coagulation of the

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disorders are so numerous and diversiried that the limits of this

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nia, &c. This disposition is controlled by vitality,

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(2) A tube of vaccine lymph was mixed with /jwii of a 1

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of anything connected even remotely with this disease, but


■ With respect to the period of the administering

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The numerous valuable therapeutical agents which have of late years been introduced into the Materia

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conclusions therefore only apply to this particular

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differs from osteo sarcoma, in which it is increased in weight. In osteo

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My attention was specially directed to the subject of laryngeal

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colocynth, or senna and the neutral salts, are pre-

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