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■cbsorial functions; such as tinnitus auiium, im-
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was analysed by that gentleman ; and he informed us
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of the fauces, pains of the bones, sometimes iritis,
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as anything. Some like the application of a plaster to keep the joint
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tims. Nearby was a pharmaceutical laboratory where quinine
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23. Medical Schools: Faculties of Medicine at Rio de Janeiro,
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each volume is made up of twenty-five plates, each plate giving
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or part afi'ected ; a gastritic affection, marked by
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ten grains of the salt to an ounce of distilled water, and five to
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blood to their texture, the muscles lose their tone.
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in congestive fever ; and the indiciitions of treat-
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too, she is to have warm hip baths, and her bowels are to be
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Dr Joseph Coats regarded the tumour as a spindle-celled sarcojl\, or
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existed. The fracture passed from above the left cxte.rnal auditory meatus
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Eemarks. — In the first abdominal wound there was no
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ever, that in many cases it is extremely difficult,
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*-* University and perhaps the most widely known surgeon
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and aching of the thighs, but usually the suffering
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horse. It is a mistake to use powerful remedies without giving a purga-
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There is generally spas:iioJie breathing and death in perhaps three or
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Geranium leaves. A thorough investigation of this leaf would determine
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pitals, into all of which the patients who would be admitted
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viduals its purgative influence requires to be aided
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in the Glasgow Koyal Infirmary, from its o])ciiing in the year
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siders the safi'st prei)aration for internal use. The
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hind legs in the mud and trying to get out ; from running away and
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with this, a restitution of its functions takes place,
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of the gastric juice, and this residue, together with
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apparently attacking with energy the ailments of which she
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out from the ligaments, tendons, etc. But if it involves the hock