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Medical Association, Surgery, Gynecology and Obstetrics, and

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jungle, with the many glimpses one received of the valleys be-

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provide for a reasonable distribution of dissecting material,

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imminent risk of setting up lileeding from the surface of tiie lung and pleura,

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is often relieved, for a time, by an attack of sick-

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disease. It may supervene castration. In such a case use bromide of

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intricacy of the subject ; and probably also, since

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which will seldom extend to the compact structure of cither jaw,

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out of the way, or any of the self-consciousness which a

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of bloodlettinij. generally speaking ; and yet even

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itself on the udder and teat, but it may attack the feet and mouth. It

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phoric acid and water ; and the carburetted hydrogen into

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conijilaints, and particularly choleraic diarrha'a, arc so similar.

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this wasting of the sexual organs in a single indi-

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organ was adherent to the rectum behind, but free in front. Douglas's

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