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have access to nearly 1000 Hospital beds ; and we feel sure

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case that will give you some trouble to tell whether it is colic or enteritis

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occur from a comj^aratively slight injury, as striking the head against

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retic, digitalis appears less serviceable in dropsy

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Dr FouUs said tliat tlie theory propounded for tliese tumours assigned to

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sedative influence ; 3. those operating chemically.

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There is one point of great prominence which constitutes

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healthy animal near an infected one for some time, and the former

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and organized in successive strata, until the cavity

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"It is but necessary for the Author to say, that all the cares that were bestowed on the preparation of the

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ospedis in the fore foot, the animal will walk on the heel, similar to

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the portion of nail which emerged at that time being comparatively soft and

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II.— Clinical Lectures and Essays. By Sir Jajies Paget, Bart. Edited