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effects of the Infirmary illness. He was a man more "Insane"
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were affected periodically, and suddenly, with fits
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infiltration which presents not solid uoJules but a hepatic cellular network,
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expressions, but really they are not so ; for whereas
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if possible, avoid it. In bread, however, this grain
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assigning a mechanical cause, such as enlargement of the
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a considerable size without the horse being much 'ame. A pretty
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anterior median fissure and the internal parts of tlie lateral
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affected by drink. He on more than one occasion attempted
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of verifying the accuracy of this description of the
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Chapters 7, 8, 9 and 10 are devoted to strangulated hernia,
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chief disadvantage (humidity) is felt in a less de-
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may be possible, but it is said that animals must come in contact, as a
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side bones ; reduce the irritation by poulticing ; use hot or cold applica-
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first affected, and the manifest disorder of the di-
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wet weather. They get into the eye by means of the circulation. The
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this cause is shown by the effect of direct pressure
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his medical attendant the relief he derives from the
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regulated by the parent or nurse. (See the writer's
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dress ; but it is always preferable, when it can be
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possibly, when his labours are completed, some new facts
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from minute investigations, he had been enabled to say that it was not a
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it will be requisite in the first place to make a few
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ly purgative, and they are apt to disorder delicate
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the University of Ghmgow, &c., &c. Tiiird Edition: pp. 208,
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leads us to foresee. In fevers, properly so called,
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