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his cell-companions; (3.) of Miller's mental condition on the
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by organic disease of the lungs, head, pleura, &c.
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by repeated attacks of the acute catarrh. It is the
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dency to unibilicate as in smallpox, although I by no means
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respective duty or function. From health to disease there are certain
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these is, undoubtedly, the gradual decline of irri-
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cases you have the premonitory symptoms, such as dulness, peculiar
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tion or stooping, especially in lifting weights, relieved by resting in tlie
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16. Imports and Exports: In 19 18 United States took 72 per cent.
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nate constipation, (no faces, it is affirmed, having
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large quantity of blood to the internal parts of the
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plate constituting a sort of artificial solid wall to
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paroxysms lasted longer than a true epileptic conviilsion;
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the actions of the respirator}' and digestive organs
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But of late years pathology, experiment, and clinical ob-
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from the audience rushed forward and offered congratulations
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ted, more or less gastric disorder appeared, and on
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and the legs are convulsed ; after a still longer period of days or
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theory with our author seems to be that these diseases, and
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the north end of the city where on an elevation near the sea
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the nutritive functions of the part, and the nervous
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three weeks, and gradually passed off, leaving, however, a certain irritability.
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1871 Allan issued his "Aural Catarrh" — a small work, which
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the liver. We need scarcely say that there is here, as in all
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nature, but our author does not venture an opinion regard-
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application of blisters, either immediately over the
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some cause for it. Cut down and remove the parts. This is some-
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this seemed only to afiect the inner layers ; walls of normal
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pliyxia, on the other hand, is restricted to express
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be still more careful not to leave his quarters too
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quantities lead to an inflammationof the kidneys, with the usual
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some of the branches being accompanied by white streaks. Veins dilated
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tions, is scarcely recognizable at first sight, even
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vestigation of this interesting branch of pathology
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spinal cord whence arise the nerves going to the muscles.
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])sychical disturbance, which was most decided in the advanced
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formation. These lines (the same that Owen described first as
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This distressing condition of overcrowding is well recognized
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pin head, and larger, with a reddened surrounding, then formed
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Tibia is fractured in a majority of cases from direct injury. The
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sliglit nausea and disinclination for food. In none of the
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osteo-dentine refers to an inconstant anatomical condition,
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trismus is applied to it, from contraction of the master muscles.
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the texture of the brain, /. e. unusual hardness or
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per ; whilst all the vegetable emetics are still more
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the acidized lymph instead of being sealed in tubes was exposed
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• •' I venturo to siic/r/f.it niiotlier view of tliia matter as nearer the trutli, viz.,
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toms are useful. Look at the other parts of the limb. The best time to
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Mr John Ueicl, while of opinion that the paper was in many respects a
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definite in his statements, tliere is no such thing as being in