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hostess. Dr. Pyles' father was a Virginian who migrated to
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daughters of those, Avho did enter that ark."' But of course
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come blind ; thirdly, that the operated eye should have time for
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cabana and Ipanema. At nine o'clock on a beautiful morning
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breathing contaminated air ; the inhalation of car-
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syphilitic ear disease confined to the poorer classes, as might
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cognises tlie fact, and seeks to impress it on his readers, that it is
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prisoner's evidence was verified by all that was known of
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stagnation undergo more palpable alterations, leading to colloid
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tration of the fact, that cerebral symptoms, resem-
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Some say a part of the spinal cord ; others say a part of the brain, and
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cases. If it results from thickness of the mucous membrane, give iodide
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naving reference to their electrical relations, found-
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and myeloid cells ; the ])roportion iicing indefinite, generally the
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ceedingly soluble, and a solution is invisible. In birds and
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any permanent alleviation. (Jldoroform, nitrite of amyl,
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distributed to the viscera, heart, glands, and blood vessels. Some
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the cells are dilated, and many converted into one,
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plethoric individuals, it is often requisite to bleed
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lated from the German by Charles ILurcr, M.D. London : Triibner
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The stroma was distinct and the ceils small, but of very various shapes.
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rally less alVcctcd than when the disease is situated
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ment in that institution until the 19th, when he left. Next
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the loth, I was hastily summoned, and found lum just re-
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It implicates the lining membrane of the lungs and chest, and the
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is to be compared with it in fatality in proportion
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recovered. It was noteworthy that sometimes hysterical affections so passed
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inflammation'' ''"''^'"'' '"' ^''" "^'^'^'"''^ "'^""''^ i noticed"in"a case/some years ago, by Dr. Gooeh,.
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minute accuracy of these drawings is great as the collection is
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arrested very soon. I think if it occurs in a horse of a phlegmatic tem-
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where hitherto the disea.s^^ had nut been found, and was
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may be varied by a short intercurrent febrile exacerbation ;
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))ure water might collect, sliouiil be abolished, iielercnce is also
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from choking another part is apt to be constricted. There is difficulty in
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tills was recently under my notice. However, it. is a rule sub-
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often until the physic begins to act, and then be careful with it for
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steel. It affords very considerable relief in those
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Test," and continues to be the best method of discovering the seat of faults
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and falling down in an instant, as if shot, without
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certain amount of exercise and then physic; then use judicious counter- ;